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What are the best electronic trading platforms in 2023?


Throughout history, securities such as stocks, commodities, and currencies have experienced fluctuations and alternating phases of high and low prices. For many, these fluctuations represented great opportunities to create huge wealth, as investors buy these assets when their price is low in periods of recession and then sell them again after their price rises in times of economic recovery.


And since the laws were and still prevent individuals from investing directly in these assets, finding a financial broker that suits your personality and financial goals to buy and sell through is one of the basic steps required to start trading and make the most of the financial markets. Currently, electronic trading platforms represent this financial medium through which investment can only be made.


Several decades ago, the number of brokerage firms in stocks and securities was very limited, as this field was available only to a few experts who had great skill and experience in the financial markets, so trading was not available to a large number of people. In fact, not so long ago, trading was considered only for the rich and famous due to the insufficient number of brokers through whom trading could be carried out as required.


Nowadays, trading has become a lot easier than before with many different online platforms available. Currently, it only takes a mobile phone and an internet connection for anyone to be able to trade freely in all financial markets.

What is electronic trading?

Electronic trading is a method that facilitates the buying and selling of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, mutual funds, and ETFs over the Internet. Electronic trading over the Internet has transformed trading operations from complex, cumbersome and time-consuming operations to simple operations that can be done with a few clicks on your mobile phone.


Before the era of electronic trading, the buyer or seller had to communicate with a broker by phone or visit him in his office to give buy or sell orders to carry out the transaction on his behalf, which required great effort and time, and this means that in the past the financial broker had full control over the deals your own, as he could modify it when needed according to his own vision.

The best electronic trading platforms globally and in the Arab world,

Online trading can be a source of wealth if done the right way. This includes obtaining accurate information and professional financial analysis from a reliable trading platform that will help you make the right decision.


  • 1- Fidelity Investments platform
  • 2- Interactive Brokers platform
  • 3- TD Ameritrade platform
  • 4- FBS platform
  • 5- Orbex platform
  • 6- TradeStation platform

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